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Healing at Fenton Church

We offer Healing every Monday between 4.30 and 6.45pm. Healing is very simple in its application and there is complete confidentiality. 

Normally, a patient would be seen by one Healer, sometimes two, and would normally be of the same gender as the patient.  Whilst silence during the actual healing is recommended, talking can, of itself, be helpful in the healing process so those patients who wish to talk may do so. Although we cannot offer councelling, a listening and sympathetic ear is available should that be desired. On your first visit, if you come with a friend, that friend can join you in the healing room should you wish.

We have 3 private healing rooms but we also use the main Church, especially at busy times for shared healng, and many of our patients enjoy the peace that comes through being with others.

We cannot promise a cure and we work in conjunction with the medical profession, so do not recommend discarding any medication you may take. However most people experience great comfort from the healing and often remarkable progress can be made. It is recommended that several visits are made as the healing process does generally take time.

Healing is available to all, regardless of faith, belief, or non belief. Healing does not require a belief in any particultlar faith, all that is necessary is an open mind.

Although Healing is given within a Church, there is no pressure of any kind to join our Church. We will not discuss our own beliefs unless asked to do so.

Healing is also free - although we do ask for a small donation to cover the costs of keeping the building open and mainatained.

All our healers have undergone extensive training and have years of experience.

What to Expect.
It is suggested, though not obligatory, that the patient just sits quietly and closes their eyes - only to avoid outside influences that may interrupt the relaxation. Normally the healer will make some personal contact with the patient by  placing their hand on the shoulder, or by holding the hands, but only if the patient is happy with this.This done purely to establish a bond or blending with the patient so that the healer can create a viable link to allow the healing energies to flow . 

The healer will then normally place their hands either very close to, or with the patients permission, gently on the body, often near to the seat of discomfort. They may also place their hands near to what may appear to be an unrelated part of the body but this, in reality, has a purpose. However it cannot be stressed strongly enough that there will be no contact without a person's permission and never in an embarassing area of the body. There are no extravagant hand movements, prayers or  recitations involved. Mostly, a patient will feel very calm and relaxed. They may also experence a warm glow, slight tingling or even a coldness - all these are natural and are just a manifestation of the healing.

60/62 King Street (Corner Royal Street), Fenton
Stoke on Trent, ST4 3ET

Charity No 1146154

President  and bookings  
Mrs. S. Snow   01782 321458  
Mobile  07890 165471
Mr. P. Matthews  01782 336556