We hold our Sunday Service at 6.30pm. The service lasts about one and a half hours. Everyone is welcome.

Order of Service

For anyone not familiar with a Spiritualist Service you will find much of it  is quite similar to an ordinary Service. We start with the Healing Hymn and then the first Hymn. This is followed by an opening prayer and then the Lord’s Prayer is sung. Then comes the second Hymn and a reading followed by the Address (rather like a sermon). Then follows another Hymn and then a demonstration of mediumship. Then comes the collection and the Church announcements, a final hymn and prayer.  

The main difference between our Services and those of the Christian Church is that we do not use the Bible, the Lesson is a reading and the sermon an address. The demonstration of mediumship is when the Medium communicates with our relatives and friends in the spirit world.

Following the Service, 

After the Service everyone is welcome to a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit and a chat. If you have any questions then any member of the committee will be delighted to answer them.

60/62 King Street (Corner Royal Street), Fenton
Stoke on Trent, ST4 3ET

Charity No 1146154

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