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Workshops are normally held on a Monday Evening, starting at 7.30pm. They usually carry on until 9.15pm. There is a small charge of £2.50  to cover costs.

The classes are held either by members of our own Church or from those outside and all are experienced in their subject.

Whilst it is a serious evening, it is a time for friends also - nothing is forced on the student, they can involve themselves as much - or as little - as they like. The idea is to enjoy the evening and gain a little knowledge as well.

What is a Workshop?

A workshop takes many forms 

It may be a talk .....it may be a demonstration .......Usually it is a litlle of both.

Basically it is an opportunity to learn and opportunity to test skills or discover new ones  is often available. For example if you feel you may have a gift but are not sure what it is, or if you think that you do not have a gift you may be suprised ‑ a workshop will let you discover for yourself where your gifts lie. We all have them, somewhere.

What do I do at a Workshop?

This Depends on the type of Workshop. Usually the title will give an indication. If it is a talk or a demonstration then it is a little like a class, you can sit and enjoy and learn. Most workshops provide hands on experiences. Sometimes we work in a circle, sometimes in pairs or sometimes as an individual with the rest observing.

It is a time of experimentation.

I feel awkward trying things out

You are not alone.  So do many people. That is why the workshop is ideal. You are among friends, all of whom have had to start at sometime. Many may just be starting themselves.

It does not matter whether you actually suceed or not. You have a willing audience who will help you and share your joy of sucess or encourage you if you have none. You will probably be suprised at the sucess you do have. Many have come to workshops stating they have no gifts yet come away discovering that they may have after all.

But you do not have to do anything if you don't want. No one forces you.

Who are they for?

Workshops are for anyone. They are not for a select few but for all, old or new to the Church. If you are interested in learning about Spiritualism and associated ideas then they are for you.

If you want hands on experience or just to sit and listen they are for you.

If you want to develop but don't know how, or in which direction, then they are for you

What Subjects are covered?

Almost anything to do with Spiritualism and it associated subjects.

Clairvoyance is the primary concern but past workshops have covered many subjects such as
Healing, Psycometry, Dowsing,   Psychic Art and many more 

Will Workshops help me to develop?

Yes they will. All it needs is for you to take part with an open mind.

What do we do?

The evening usually starts with a meditation. This lasts about fifteen minutes. Many people say they cannot meditate but coming to a workshop demonstrates how easy it is.

Following the meditations you may be asked to describe your experiences or you may form part of a circle. At this time the talk and experiments begin. You are free to ask questions at any time.

Quite often you will be sharing your experiences with others. You will easily feel part of the group.

Some people come wanting just to sit and learn rather than participate. If that is you then that is fine. You will not be forced to do something you don't want. It is likely however that you will want to take part simply because the atmosphere is such that it makes you feel part of what is going on.

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