Owing to Covid restrictions we are unable to offer personal healing at present but our Healers sit for absent healing every week. By contacting us through facebook/instagram we can add the names of anyone in need of healing to our list.

Also there is the national healing minute, every evening at 10.00 pm where Healers throughout the UK gather and send out their prayers at that time. Simply sit in a quiet place for that minute, calming your mind and asking for healing to be given, much as above.

Healing is very simple in its application and there is complete confidentiality.

Although we cannot offer counselling, a listening and sympathetic ear is available should that be desired. 

We use the main Church, and at busy times may be shared healing. Many of our patients enjoy the peace that comes through being with others.

We cannot promise a cure and we work in conjunction with the medical profession, so do not recommend discarding any medication you may take. However most people experience great comfort from the healing and often remarkable progress can be made. It is recommended that several visits are made as the healing process does generally take time.

Healing is available to all, regardless of faith, belief, or non belief. Healing does not require a belief in any particular faith, all that is necessary is an open mind.

Although Healing is given within a Church, there is no pressure of any kind to join our Church. We will not discuss our own beliefs unless asked to do so.

Healing is also free – although we do ask for a small donation to cover the costs of keeping the building open and maintained.

All our healers have undergone extensive training and have years of experience.

What is Absent Healing?

Absent healing is when the medium and patient are in separate locations. This form of healing combines the power of thought and the power of prayer together. Once the intention is set to attune to spirit and ask them to send their healing energy to a patient in need anywhere in the world it will be done. Give a general prayer, asking collectively for healing to be given. It is the healing medium’s intention to open the channel to the spirit world that makes it possible.

Absent healing can be very successful, once the healing medium has set the intention to open the channel for spirit to use, they will find the time and place best suited to delivering the maximum healing power to the patient, often when the patient sleeps. It is recognised that attunement is an essential prerequisite for all Spiritualist healing, which also includes absent healing. Absent healing acts as a valuable supplement to contact healing to patients unable to travel or to receive contact healing and is reassurance that somewhere someone is concerned for them.